Quality Healthcare Depends On
Trustable Medical Supplies

At Meds Pulse, our mission is to select and secure quality medical devices and clinical supplies to support the health professionals curing patients

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You are behind the patients
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In the battle field fighting diseases and saving patients, you need to be equipped with the right weapons and reliable supplies.

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All-around Support

We are responsive on all communication channels and carefully listen to your needs.

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Life Critical Quality

When people’s health and even life is on a line, quality matters more than anything else.

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Medical Insights

We understand what the frontline healthcare givers need and how to support them.

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Tested and Approved By Experienced Health

Our manufacturing partners design and produce their products by listening to health professionals with rich first-hand clinical experiences and industry-insights, besides making sure all the strict requirement of national and international standards are met or even surpassed.

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Products on Offer

Disposable Supplies

Medical masks, gloves, gauze, goggles, face shields, disinfectants.

P.E. Gadgets

Stethophone, laryngoscope, hamnatodynamometer, thermometer.

Pharm. Products

GMP-compliant medicines approved by FDA or EMA for exporting

Invasive Devices

Syringe, needles, surgical knives, vessel forceps, endoscope


X-Ray Machine, electrocardiogram monitor, type-B ultrasonic machines

Intensive Care

Breathing machines, oximeters, defibrillator, terufusion syringe pump.

Categories of the Products

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Dental Clinic

What Our Customers Say

Robert Edison

Dr. & Senior Consultant Surgeon

Meds Pulse is a dependable partner to support our medical equipment needs. The electrocardiogram monitors and lung ventilators they shipped to our hospital last year had helped us saving hundreds of lives of patients at their critical conditions. Talking about life-saving medical devices, they understand the “cost-effectiveness” is not the only dimension we are looking at, but the reliable quality shall be given the top priority.

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